Round Structural Tubing

Industrial Tube & Steel Corporation stocks carbon steel round tubing in A513 (mechanical) and A500 (structural) grades, in a range of sizes and wall thicknesses. A500 structural carbon round tube is used in construction, buildings, towers, and sign support applications, but also in trailers and structural fabrications. A513 mechanical carbon steel round tube is frequently used in the transportation, solar, appliance, and agriculture industries, as well as in many other types of machinery ranging from bases to supports.  All ODs below 2" with wall thickness less than .120 inch are typically manufactured as ASTM A-513. Sizes 2" and above with wall thickness of .120 inch and heavier are typically manufactured to ASTM A-500. 

Made from 1026 Steel
Meets ASTM A500 or ASTM A513
A500 Round Tubing Tolerances

A500 Round Tolerances

Physical Requirements ASTM A500 Round
Grade B Grade C
Tensile Strength (min. psi) 58,000 62,000
Yield Strength (min. psi) 42,000 46,000
Elongation in 2 in. (min. %) 23* 21**
*For 0.180" wall and over
**For 0.120" wall and over
Straightness Tolerance
0.025" per foot max
Outside Dimension Tolerance
O.D. < 1.900" ±0.5% of nominal O.D.
O.D. < 1.900" ±0.75% of nominal O.D.
Wall Thickness Tolerance
±10% of the specified Nominal Wall Thickness
Customized Cut Lengths Available. Please Specify Cut Length During Quote Process.

Round Structural Steel Tubing

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