Continuous Cast Iron

Dura-Bar® continuous cast iron offers numerous physical and structural advantages over steel, castings, and aluminum because of its unique manufacturing methods.

Dura-Bar®’s ability to engineer a combination of various graphite and matrix structures (ferritic versus pearlitic) results in a variety of ductile and gray iron grades with a full range of properties. The Dura-Bar® process enables the material's microstructure to be free from shrinkage, gas holes, sand, and other tool-wearing inclusions.

Continuous cast-iron allows for the continuous production of long, solid iron bars. The casting process of this material includes melting, continuous casting, cooling, and cutting. Continuous cast iron is a better material option for uniform and consistent microstructure of the finished product, precision machining for accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Used for various industries, including construction, machinery manufacturing, and automotive, continuous cast iron offers good machinability, moderate strength, and wear resistance.