Value-Added Services Available from Industrial Tube and Steel

ITS “value-added” service is a part of everything we do. Custom orders and fast turnaround are our top priorities.

Industrial Tube and Steel offer a variety of custom steel and cast-iron value-added processes to ensure you receive your product in the exact specifications required. Whether it's needing some cast iron milled or steel tubing deburred, ITS wants to work with you to minimize the number of steps in your manufacturing process. The following services are handled either in-house or through one of our approved vendors:

  • Cut-to-length

  • Angle cuts

  • Production cutting

  • Cold saw cutting

  • Large iron billet cutting

  • Milling

  • Chamfering

  • Special inventory programs

  • Deburring

  • Next day shipping of in stock items

  • Out of area shipping via UPS or common carrier

  • Special Packaging

  • Tube Laser Cutting

  • Lathe Tube Cutting

Cold Saw Production Cutting

  • 1-11/32" to 6-9/32" Diameters
  • Wall Thickness 3/16" or Larger
  • Length Tolerance within +/- .004
  • Square Tolerance within +/- .001"

Large Iron Billet Cutting

  • Max Plate Capacity of 20-1/2" x 28" x 96"
  • Work Load Capacity of 11,023 lbs.

Milling (Cast Iron)

  • X Travel - 60"
  • Y Travel - 25"
  • Z Travel - 24"
  • Table Load - 2,950 lbs.

Laser Cutting

  • Contact your local I.T.S. branch today for your specific application.

Special Packaging

  • Gaylord Boxes, Specially Stacked, Banded, Bundled, Crated, Palleted

Band Saw Cutting

  • Capacity: 24" W x 31" H @ 90 degrees
  • 24" W x 21" H @ 45 degrees (R/L)
  • 24" W x 13.5" H @ 60 degrees (L)
  • 24" W x 13" H @ 60 degrees (R)
  • Length Tolerance +/-1/16"

* Tighter Tolerance can be held upon req


  • 1/8" to 28" Diameters 
  • Wall Thickness as thin as .035
  • Length Tolerance +/- 1/16"

Production Lathe Tube Cutting

Contact your local I.T.S. branch today for your specific application. 

Integrity, Tradition, & Service for every aspect of your raw material buying needs

In House Custom Cutting Capabilities & Equipment 

Industrial Tube and Steel is equipped to do it all. We offer custom cutting of all tubing and cast iron in stock. Once the proper product, length and diameter have been selected, the steel tubing or continuous cast iron will be cut to your exacting dimensions. Our equipment and capabilities are as follows:

  • Band Saws – up to 28” Diameter
  • Miter Saws – up to 45 and 60 degrees
  • Vertical Plate Saws – up to 31.5” high by 74” long
  • CNC Cold Saw – up to 6.25” Diameter

Our in-house and field sales experts at Industrial Tube and Steel have over 100 years of collective metal working experience. Call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at any one of our 3 facilities to discuss your tube and/or cast-iron applications so we can offer the best recommendation for your precise application. Industrial Tube and Steel offers a comprehensive selection of off the shelf and custom cut metal steel tubing and cast-iron products. ITS meets your steel and cast-iron specifications by combining our educated sales force, comprehensive inventory, modern automatic cutting equipment and experienced shop crews.  Our computerized inventory provides buyers with quick availability and fast turnaround, so your business isn’t waiting for products to ship.  Raising the bar on the standards of service, the customer’s experience is the number one priority for Industrial Tube and Steel. We help solve problems, get fast answers and provide the complete service you expect from our team.  If you have metal working questions; Industrial Tube and Steel has the answers.

Delivery on Demand or Same Day Pick Up for your Steel Tubing & Cast Iron Requirements

Our goal is to keep your business operational and it’s for that reason that Industrial Tube and Steel’s fleet of flatbed trucks are on hand and ready to deliver your steel and cast-iron orders the very next day if necessary. For urgent orders, Industrial Tube and Steel also offers same day pick up for in stock items at any one of our 2 facilities in Ohio.  Take a look at our contact us page to see our in-fleet delivery territory.  We also ship via common carrier beyond our in-fleet delivery area.  Call us today for your critical needs!