Turned, Ground and Polished Shafting (TG&P)

Industrial Tube & Steel has been a leading steel tubing distributor for over 65 years. We stock precision Turned, Ground, and Polished (TG&P) steel shafting to tolerances as tight as .0005”. Starting as small as 0.197″ (5mm) and moving all the way up to 9” diameter, with lengths typically stocked at 12 or 24 feet long. Our inventory consists of both standard and metric dimensions in grades 1045, 4140HT, 303 SS, and 316 SS. Many sizes are available for immediate delivery, and special sizes can be produced to your specifications. Our TG&P bars meet or exceed the standards set forth by ASTM A108. Turned, Ground and Polished Precision Shafting represents the highest degree of overall accuracy, concentricity, straightness, and surface perfection attainable in commercial practice. TG&P is normally produced undersize of nominal, which lends favorably to fit standard bearings.

TG&P Manufacturing Process

Turned, Ground, and Polished shafting starts with either a hot rolled or cold drawn bar being turned in a lathe where the material is taken off.  The turning continues until the steel bar is brought down to the desired size. Multiple passes may have to be made until the desired size is reached. After being turned, the surface condition is still relatively rough which could cause uneven wear and balancing issues. To remedy that, the bar is then ground with a grinding wheel to take a much smaller amount of material off. Once the dimensions of the bar are acceptable, it is then polished using a polishing wheel. This polishing process gives it the smooth surface finish required and it now has become a Turned, Ground & Polished (TG&P) shaft.

Stocked Size Range

  • Metric: From 5 mm to 200 mm
  • Standard: From 0.188” Dia to 9.000” Dia.

Surface Finish

  • Typically, 20 Ra max.


  • Individually plain cardboard tubed for protection.

Grades Stocked


  • .001″ to .002″ per foot, not more than .010” total on 24 ft.

Benefits of Turned, Ground and Polished Shafting (TG&P)


TG&P shafting offers excellent tolerances as close as +0/-.0005” on the diameter. Click here to learn more about TG&P Bar Diameter Tolerances.


Due to the applications of this product, TG&P shafting is straightened to within .001” per foot maximum.

Time Savings

By getting the material already Turned, Ground and Polished, it saves a tremendous amount of time for the end user which allows them to focus on their business. 

Money Savings

By purchasing TG&P shafting, it allows you to save a tremendous amount of money that would otherwise be spent on equipment, labor, material, and time to produce in house.   

Applications by Industry

Construction & Heavy Equipment

  • Piston Rods, Bolts, Crankshafts, Driveshafts, Feed Screws, Axles


  • Piston Rods, Driveshafts, Crankshafts, Bolts, Feed Screws, Axles


  • Rolls, Journals, Bolts

Fluid Handling 

  • Pump Shafts


  • Arbors, Journals, Spindles, Pins, Feed Screws

Oil & Gas

  • Gears, Piston Rods, Multiple shaft applications


  • Gears, Wind Turbine Shafts, Stub Shafts

General Fabrication and Machining

  • Gears, Trunnion Wheels, Mandrels, Sockets, Any application where a shaft is required

Automotive & Transportation

  • Crankshafts, Driveshafts, Piston Rods, Wrist Pins, Stub Shafts, Axles, Torsion Bars

Typical Manufacturing Undersize Variation Tolerances Available (TG&P Bar)

*NOTE* Other sizes available upon request

Size Range (Dia. in Inches) .003" .002" .0015" .001" .0005"
1-1/2" and Under     Available Available Available
Over 1-1/2" to Under 2-1/2"   Available Available Available Available
2-1/2" to 3" Incl.   Available Available Available  
Over 3" to 4" Incl. Available Available Available    
Over 4" to 6" Incl. Available Available Available    
Over 6" to 8" Incl. Available        
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