Metric Turned, Ground & Polished Bar

At Industrial Tube and Steel, we are a trusted supplier of turned, ground and polished steel bar for a wide range of applications. Our tight-tolerance metric tg&p bar fits precise specifications for manufacturing, construction, marine, oil and gas, aerospace, and many other industries.           

The Metric Specifications You Need

We know how important precision is when it comes to modern manufacturing operations. For maximum tensile strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and safety, steel bar components must fit to the millimeter — or even less with tight-tolerance specifications. That is why we are one of the main providers of metric steel TG&P bar in the Midwest.

Many Stock Sizes

We keep a large inventory of turned, ground and polished bar. This helps us keep lead times short so your team can quickly finish projects and adapt to market conditions. All material is tubed in cardboard sleeves for protection.

Our metric bar comes in 1045, 4140HT, and 303 stainless steel grades.  ITS will also cut to length per your specific requirements. 

Tolerances You Can Depend On

Metric sizing is growing increasingly common for metal parts and structural components in the U.S. for the following industries:

  • Transportation
  • Heavy machinery for construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation
  • Aircraft structures and hydraulic components

For industrial applications, tight tolerances are essential for long-term performance. Steel bar for shafts must line up precisely to ensure the proper seal, pressure resistance, and weld strength.

The Quality You Expect from an Industry Leader

The “ITS” name stands for exceptional quality and dependability. Find metric steel bar that meets your project requirements. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for manufacturers, contractors, and engineers to achieve operational guidelines smoothly. Contact us for more details.