Material Handling Industry

Material handling is more than handling inventory. Material handling is the storage, control, and protection of products and materials. A variety of equipment are used to keep a supply chain running (manual, semi-automated, and automated) and systems (conveyors, lifts, tow motors, etc.).

Efficient storing and handling are vital to industry, any improper storing and handling of materials often result in loss of revenue or injuries. Your supply chain is the most important function for your business to grow, which is why it is important than ever to build a fabrication that can handle part production needs of your custom material handling equipment.


Finding the right tools for moving any bulk material handling operations is important, especially when it comes to the type of material to keep the system running. Here at Industrial Tube & Steel Corp, we are equipped with materials that are capable of meeting your fabrication requirements for your next project such as mechanical tubing, structural tubing, pipe and continuous cast iron bar. Our facilities house a variety of saws, CNC machining centers, and production tube cutting capabilities to create custom tubing options for your material handling equipment. At Industrial Tube & Steel Corp, we can handle a variety of materials to keep your supply chain moving. We pride ourselves on being your single source for all your steel tubing and cast-iron needs within the handling industry. We supply raw material for several equipment parts within material handling equipment, including:

  • Arms
  • Bumpers
  • Booms and Lifts
  • Front, main, and rear frames
  • Linkage
  • Rollers & Idlers
  • Conveyors

Our expertise extends beyond the standard conveyor system by supplying raw material for equipment parts needed to lift, carry, and transport products from the conveyors one specific point in your facility to the intended destination.  As a customer-focused company, Industrial Tube & Steel Corp houses a selection of Turned Ground & Polished Shafting, Continuous Cast Iron Bar and Steel Tubing for material handling industry equipment used to transport supplies such as:

  • Dura-Bar Gray and Ductile Continuous Cast Iron: Found in casters & wheels
  • Heavy wall seamless tubing: Commonly used in tow motor components
  • DOM & electric weld tubing: Sturdy for conveyor rollers
  • Structural steel tubing: Used in applications such as lifts, cranes, hoists, bases and racks

We look forward to being able to supply you with all of your size-specific raw material needs. Common industries we serve include construction, agriculture, infrastructure, automotive and transportation, and oil & gas.


At Industrial Tube & Steel Corp, we are experts in the metal industry and manufacturing process. We help equipment manufacturers by providing quality raw materials to deliver an efficient and innovative material handling system. For over 60 years, Industrial Tube & Steel Corp is one of the leading steel tubing and continuous cast iron suppliers in the Midwest, keeping up to date with the latest technology and procedures to provide customers with the best solutions for their applications. We strive at being the best in quality customer service which is why our team of highly trained sales associates are here to help you with all your application needs. We strive to improve the quality, cost-efficiency, and on-time delivery of our products. We thank you and look forward to moving your material needs in the future!