Gray Iron Trepanned Tubes 

Gray iron is an ideal material for many industries because of its strength and affordability. Trepanned tubes save time and money by eliminating the tedious work of boring a hole in a bar.  Industrial Tube & Steel stocks most gray iron tubes in grade G2. Upon request, we can supply other gray iron grades that can also be trepanned depending on available diameters.

Gray Iron Tubing Basics

Gray cast iron tube is stocked in an assortment of diameters from 3.500” O.D. x 1.500” I.D. to 9.000” O.D. x 7.000” I.D.  As-cast tubes are made with clean-up stock on the inside and outside diameters to allow you to be able to clean up to the listed dimensions.  

Standard trepanned tube lengths are 72” but can be produced in longer lengths upon request. The concentricity tolerance between the I.D. and O.D. is 0.250". See Dura-Bar Iron Stock Allowances for details.

Gray Cast Iron Tubing is produced to meet ASTM A48, Class 40 specification standards, and exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Heat resiliency
  • Noise dampening
  • Superior machinability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Superior workability
  • Wear resistance
  • Vibration dampening
  • Deformation resistance

Gray Cast Iron Trepanned Tube Applications

Gray cast iron tubing is commonly used in the manufacturing of finished products, along with an array of industries. Some of these industries include:

As a leading metals distributor for over 60 years, Industrial Tube & Steel has the inventory, resources and capabilities to meet your cast iron tubing needs on time and within budget.

Customized Cut Lengths Available. Please Specify Cut Length During Quote Process.

Gray Cast Iron Tube

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