G2 Gray Iron Custom Saw Cut Plate

From one piece to production quantity, material is saw-cut from large billets to your exact dimensional requirements. Simply give us your finish sizes and we will provide you with cut parts guaranteed to clean up to your finish dimensions. We will add from ⅛” to ¼” of machining stock per dimension, depending on the size of the part, which allows you to have a very minimal amount of machining to produce your finished size. See Dura-Bar Iron Stock Allowances for details.

Stocked Size Range

  • Cut to your requested dimensions but limited to maximum sizes below.

As-Cast Gray Iron Billet sizes to cut from:

Surface Finish
G2 Gray Iron 7.750 20.500 72.000 MILLED/2 SIDES
G2 Gray Iron 8.000 21.000 72.000 A/C
G2 Gray Iron 13.750 20.750 72.000 MILLED/2 SIDES
GX Gray Iron 14.000 25.600 72.000 A/C
GX Gray Iron 14.000 25.600 83.000 A/C
G2 Gray Iron 14.500 21.500 72.000 A/C
GX Gray Iron 15.354 15.354 72.000 A/C
GX Gray Iron 16.142 16.142 72.000 A/C
GX Gray Iron 17.716 17.716 72.000 A/C
GX Gray Iron 21.000 21.000 54.000 A/C
Customized Cut Lengths Available. Please Specify Cut Length During Quote Process.

Customer Specific Gray Iron Plate

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