Investments in Safety & Equipment

Heading into the New Year at Industrial Tube & Steel Corp....

We couldn’t be more excited to have some new investments that will add to our service and capabilities. We were busy this past year assessing our equipment needs and putting various items on order.  Our timing couldn’t have worked out better as each of our locations just recently took possession of new Hyd-Mech bandsaws with cutting capacity up to 22” in diameter. We also invested in power conveyors and the ability to single index up to 10’, which will greatly improve our production speed on large jobs. 

In addition to our new bandsaws, we also took possession of a new electric forklift for our West Chester location.  It is the first of its kind for us here at ITS and will improve our day-to-day production levels.  We also looked at our packaging needs and purchased (2) new shrink-wrap machines for each of our locations as well.  Since using it for several months at our Kent location, it has greatly impacted the appearance and most importantly, the safety of our product, while delivering it to our valued customers. 

Lastly, we are always looking at ways we can improve and invest in our safety at both of our locations. This year, we focused on protecting our sunken dock bays by installing new safety rails and dock guards. With the amount of forklift traffic in both locations around our bays, it was crucial that we were proactive in addressing this. 

Here at ITS, we have always strived to invest back into our business year to year. We know we must do so to remain competitive and continue our goal of being a leading steel service center in the market. We are excited about what these recent investments will do for us as we look to serve you better in 2023! At the same time, we don’t stop here. We will continue to look at operational needs and further improvements to invest in that will benefit our customer base and our employees. 

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