Thank you Richard, congratulations on your retirement!

Edmund (E.G.) Siess, Jr. founded I.T.S. in 1956. The company started as a one truck operation located in Akron, Ohio. In the beginning, I.T.S. had limited inventory, hardworking employees, and a handful of loyal customers. Edmund’s son, Richard Siess, started with the company in June of 1981.   Like his father, Richard always believed that the recipe for success was investing in his employees and putting his trust in his team to satisfy customers' needs above and beyond their expectations. This allowed I.T.S. to continue to grow a positive culture for future generations while still carrying the same views, beliefs, and customer loyalty that Edmund held in 1956. 

Richard (Dick) Siess spent 40 years growing the company his father started into a multi-faceted industry leader in the carbon tubing and continuous cast iron markets. Through Dick’s vision, I.T.S. continued to push the limit of customer satisfaction, reliability, and geographic reach. Through dedication, hard work, and perseverance, Dick grew Industrial Tube and Steel Corporation to over 85 highly knowledgeable employees, warehouse space over 200,000 square feet across two locations in Kent, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Richard Siess’s ambition continues to hold true through his inspiration and mentoring to the 3rd generation of ownership.

With confidence, Dick passed the torch to his nephews Damon Gaynor and Geoff Siess who are now Co-Presidents of Industrial Tube & Steel Corporation. Damon and Geoff both have 17 years of experience with the company, along with the passion and knowledge to carry the company to new levels within the metal-working industry. Both work diligently to achieve a superior customer-centric approach and an employee-friendly culture while maintaining many of the traditions and cultures created by their predecessors.

Dick will continue to be available on an as needed basis, however, he will relish now in a new stress-free retirement. Damon and Geoff have big shoes to fill, but thanks to Dick’s mentoring and their hard work all these years, Industrial Tube and Steel will continue to be in good hands. The entire Industrial Tube & Steel family is looking forward to a bright future under the leadership of the third generation as the company continues to grow and prosper for many years to come.

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